Equipment for processing sheet metal of our company are widely employed in the manufacture of cars, communications, computers, and other things. In order to achieve high levels of long-term sales of CNC machine tools, we have been adopting a leading technological strategy, promoting itself as a do-class machine, a first-class brand, and developing a workforce that is both skilled and practical in high-quality work practices. With strong domestic product research and skill development, businesses have their own institutions for research and development.

Our machines are widely exported to Southeast Asia, the EU, the USA, South America, the Middle East, and other markets around 100 nations with good quality, suitable price, comprehensive after-sales service, which was widely welcomed by customers and unanimously approved. We specializes in the export business and are widely known for our transparent working. Our company's mission is to create great brands, do excellent machines, and we eagerly await the visits of both domestic and foreign friends.

Factory Facilities: Production Guarantee

  • Each production department works closely with each other so that Plasma Cutting Machine, Pipe Punching And Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Press Machine, Welding Robot Machine, etc. can be offered to customers.
  • To serve as the best example for manufacturing lines.
  • 5 sets of imported, high-tech machinery include CNC milling and boring centers, CNC machining centers, CNC gantry machining centers, and CNC turning centers, among others.
  • 20 sets of general machining tools, including disc, gear, frame, slide, and flywheel tools.
  • Two automotive cutting lines
  • To increase intensity and rigidity, forge instead of cast.
  • Complete blasting and tempering for large items.
  • 3 automotive forged lines.
  • 4 welding lines for automobiles.

Why Us?

We make use of European engineering design drawings from the last many years and a quality-oriented mindset to create CNC machines with a long lifespan and ease of use, as well as the best after-sales services.

  • Service and support: With a strong engineering team, our company offers complete solutions for every sheet metal industry customer, including Fiber Laser cutting, bending, punching, welding, and other processes.
  • Solution: Prima is capable of producing high-quality products using machines and creating them in accordance with customer samples, photographs, or drawings.
  • Exhibition: With a vibrant laser cutting machine running on site, Prima participates in at least 5 domestic and international events, including Europe, IMTS, METALEC, Shanghai Expo, and others.


The resources comprise the companys operational physical, financial, informational, and technological assets. A thriving business depends on a solid infrastructure. It creates the framework for growth while enabling the business to run smoothly and effectively. Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., has strong infrastructure that enables us to produce Hydraulic Press Machine, Pipe Punching And Cutting Machine, Welding Robot Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine, etc.

Strong Team

We are proud of our task force as they never step back from working hard in the benefit of the company. Their ideas, skills, knowledge is helping us to stand out in the competitive market and serve esteemed buyers in the best possible manner.

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